Kids Art 2 Canvas™ | Behind the Paint


November 30, 2014

Kids Art IS Art. Young children and professional artists work together to transform kids’ art into museum quality paintings and canvas art prints through our Zap it!™ process. Jessica Breedlove, Founder of Kids Art 2 Canvas™ introduces her company in this video, Behind the Paint.

Kids Art 2 Canvas™ believes that children’s natural inclination to draw and be creative can be further supported and enhanced by an adult in their lives recognizing and supporting their efforts. When adults engage with their children in creative “play” and experimentation it can be a truly meaningful and authentic experience for all.

Creativity is inherent in us all. Young children engage naturally through drawing. The adult can support this natural inclination to create by experimenting in playful ways to extend the vision of the child. This canvas art painting process is just one example of empowering both the child and adult through creative play and collaboration.

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