“The Art of Filmmaking & Editing” with Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow


October 22, 2017

More details on this workshop here: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/art-filmmaking-and-editing-jeff-medford-and-ross-hockrow

Have you ever thought about using your talents, training and equipment to design moving images to tell a story? Here is your opportunity to learn how to become a visual storyteller with Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow. Whether you’re a photographer or an aspiring filmmaker, you will come out of this class with all of the skills to produce web commercials, wedding, birth, family and event films.

Discover what you’ll need for your camera bag, lighting, how to shoot a conversation – all during a live shoot! Then you’ll learn how to create the story through the editing process. This class will be 3 days of non-stop information which you will use to expand your business and increase your profits.

Category: Digital Art