Digital TAG 2.4″ Tiny and Wearable Video Call Tag


October 22, 2016

http://www.digitagged.com The Digital TAG by WellSignage is a 2.4″ video name tag. This Digital badge is just the dimension of a calling card. It could be easily connected to your garments without leaving marks. It is just one of the tiniest electronic signage layouts with large potential. The web content showed on the Digital TAG could vary from straightforward text as well as still pictures to full-motion video, with or without audio.

The Digital Tag Supplies a brand new form of eye-catching advertising. The video clip’s on the Digital TAG can be quickly and regularly updated to satisfy your present or details needs.

Digital TAG By WellSignage is an eye-catching, hip and also excellent means of obtaining your message throughout– quickly, eye-catching, modern.

Category: Digital Art