Is it real or is it digital? You won’t be able to tell.


July 3, 2017


This sophisticated, anti-glare digital picture frame is so advanced that it doesn’t even look digital. The matte finish makes artwork appear like it was painted on a traditional canvas. Showcase your own pictures on Meural or any of the 30,000 works of art that are accessible in Meural’s database. The statement size gives it a stunning presence, too.

Invented by former college buds and art experts Vladimir Vukicevic and Jerry Hu. The two gathered feedback from an artist collective to fine-tune their design, which includes an ambient light sensor and 8GB of memory, and so you know it’s gallery-approved!

Setting it up and syncing your own photos is intuitive. You can change up the display from an app on your your phone or gesture with your hands.

Whether it’s a Van Gogh or a picture you captured in your travels, Meural is truly befitting of any beautiful works of art it displays

Category: Digital Art