Electric Objects EO2 Art Display 2nd Gen Gallery Decor Smartphone App iPhone Android Part 2


June 19, 2017

The installation of the wall bracket is done backwards from the manual. Put so you Don’t see the bubble level.
Also the black plastic stepped washer also goes sorta backwards wtih the flat part facing out (black screws go into the recessed part of the waster!!


1080p full HD LCD matte display. 179 degree viewing angle. Anodized aluminum frame.
How it works: Connect EO2 to WiFi, download the free iOS, Android or web app, then start discovering and displaying art in your home.
Upload your own art or choose from over 30,000 community-uploaded artworks for free. Join Art Club for museum collections and specially commissioned art, (30-day free trial included).
Wall mount, rubber feet for leaning and 10’ power cord included for easy installation. Custom hardwood frames and no-tip stand sold separately.
Display animated works (GIFs and MP4s), static images (JPEG and PNG), h.264 videos and websites.

Electric Objects is making the world of art more accessible for everyone by moving it out of the gallery and into the home. EO2 (2nd generation) is an uncompromising digital display, designed to elevate art – and nothing else. The matte-finish, 1080p HD display minimizes glare, from every angle. The sleek, black anodized aluminum frame is at once beautiful and invisible. The ambient light sensor imperceptibly dims and brightens EO2 to match your environment. Upload your own photography, animation, and video works. Follow other creators in the community and discover over 30,000 works of art for free. Or, join Art Club, EO’s art discovery service that’s your gateway to thousands of commissioned, museum and curated works of art for $9.99 a month. In addition to discovering and displaying artwork, EO’s Android, iOS, and web apps let you control the art on your wall, develop your own art playlists, and customize your display settings like sleep mode and brightness. (EO2 Specs: Height: 21-3/4″, Width: 12 15/16″, Depth: 3/4″, Wall Mount 1-1/8″; Aspect ratio: 16×9, Portrait; WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 & 5 GHz.)


Category: Digital Art