Digital Action Painting @Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm


September 24, 2016

“Action painting often called “gestural abstraction”, stresses the procedure of making art, often with a variety of strategies that include dripping, swabbing, smearing, and even flinging paint on to the surface area of the canvas. These energised techniques depend upon broad gestures guided by the artist’s sense of control connecting with chance or arbitrary events. The resulting job commonly emphasizes the physical act of painting itself as a crucial aspect of the ended up job or concern of its musician.”
While in 1950 acrylic and oil were used, the suggestion currently is to define a brand-new electronic (Pixel Based) abstract expressionism, through the creation of computer visuals: a kind of rebirth of Activity Paint, now, based upon pixels, and also time, however without leaving apart the act of painting itself.

Strokes are created by hand on a Wacom tablet, while various specifications of the strokes themselves are being changed by the usage of aesthetic programs (Max– Jitter), as well as impacts are used (results are being taken as what a “style” would remain in traditional painting), keeping the concepts of Activity Paint, where “the action or motion by the artist in connection with the physical aspect of paint, working together with the surface area” are essential, just this moment, given in front of the computer display, yet also the lines and areas are made without previous planning, carried away by the intensity of the action, the act of painting, strokes, spots, and shade.

Category: Digital Art