Digital Painting Cartoons Course Level 1


March 8, 2017

Join YouTube Cartoonist, Animator and Teacher Paris Christou in this fun and enlightening course on Digital Painting Cartoon Characters Level 1.
Check out the course here: http://toonboxstudio.com

This course was specifically designed and created for artists in the digital art world who struggle to polish there art from sketch to color.
Sometimes keeping things simple is the ultimate form of sophistication.

In this 2 hour course, Paris supply’s you with his beautiful hand-drawn sketch to follow along throughout this video series. Watch over his shoulder as Paris demonstrates and explains his Five Easy Steps to inking and coloring cartoon characters so that you can feel confident to create eye-catching images.

In this series of six easy-to-follow video tutorials, you will learn:
-How to clean the sketch to create your line-art using Paris’s trademark feathering technique
-How to add the flat colors to your characters
-How to color your line-art correctly
-How to block out distinctive shadows
-How to add rim light and shines for appeal

Paris Christou demonstrates this course using the software Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and uses only 4 tools, a Pencil, a Soft Round Brush and the Hard/Soft Eraser which means you can Easily follow along with ANY art software like Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai etc. But you DO need to have the basic knowledge of your software’s user interface before taking this course.

Bonus Material: Download 3 image files… the original Sketch to keep and use throughout this course, an Old Paper Texture and an image of Paris’s Color Palette.

So, are you ready to learn how to paint your cartoon characters with Paris’s 5 Easy Steps?
Enroll to this course when ever you are ready and lets have some fun.

By Paris Christou using a Wacom Cintiq and Sketchbook Pro.
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