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October 8, 2016

Dubious of performance art? Get into an anxiety when you realize it will begin? There’s a factor. Here we provide you with a brief record of performance art as well as effort to sway you to its prospective charms. Allow us understand if you buy it.

The paints in the very first scene are by Candida Alvarez (www.candidaalvarez.com), from her exhibit ‘mambomountain’ at Hyde Park Art Facility, Chicago. Photo by Tom van Eynde.

And if you’re captivated as well as eager to learn more, below’s our advisable analysis:

Roselee Goldberg, Efficiency Art: From Futurism to the Present (Thames & Hudon, 2011)

Roselee Goldberg, Efficiency: Live Art Because the ’60s (Thames & Hudson, 2004)

Claire Bishop, Ed. Involvement (Papers of Contemporary Art) (Whitechapel & MIT Press, 2006)

Amelia Jones, Body Art/Performing the Subject (Univ Of Minnesota Press, 1998)

Valerie Cassel Oliver, Ed. Radical Visibility: Black Efficiency in Contemporary Art (Contemporary Arts Gallery Houston, 2013)

Paul Schimmel, Out of Actions: Between Performance and also the Object, 1949-1979 (Thames & Hudson, 1998)

Sally O’Reilly, The Body in Contemporary Art (Thames & Hudson, 2009)

Tracey Warr, The Artist’s Body (Phaidon, 2012)

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