I Love The Means You Love Me// Christian Schloe Digital Artwork


October 7, 2016

I Love The Way You Love Me”

I like the feeling of your name on my lips
As well as I such as the noise of your wonderful mild kiss
The manner in which your fingers run through my hair
And how your fragrance lingers also when you’re not there
And also I like the means your eyes dance when you laugh
As well as exactly how you appreciate your two-hour bath
As well as just how you’ve encouraged me to dance in the rain
With everyone viewing like we were ridiculous

Yet I like the way you like me Solid and also wild, slow-moving and simple
Body and soul so completely

I enjoy the method you
enjoy me And I like the noise of old
R ‘n’ B
As well as you roll your eyes when I’m slightly off vital
And also I such as the innocent way that you cry
At absurd old motion pictures you’ve seen hundreds of times


(Pay attention to me currently.) And also I can provide a million things

I like to like concerning you
Yet they could all come down to one reason

I can never live without you.

Category: Digital Art