Charging Polar Bear, a Digital 3D Art Lesson by Daniel Eskridge


March 28, 2015

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In this video, I take you from start to finish on how I created my artwork “Charging Polar Bear” using a variety of digital 3D rendering and painting techniques. Not only do I show you how I made it, but also, I tell you how you can sell print like it online.

In this lesson/tutorial I’ll cover some of the following topics:

Posing a figure in Daz Studio
Creating a snow scene in Vue
Transferring Daz figures to Vue
Using Photomatix to enhance the colors of your digital art
Using Topaz Impression to give your digital art the look of an Impressionist painting
Uploading artwork to FineArtAmerica.com

Daz Studio: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Daz
Vue: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Vue
GIMP: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Gimp
Polar Bear: http://introvertartist.com/PolarBear
Smoke Brushes: http://introvertartist.com/SmokeBrushes
Snow Brush: http://introvertartist.com/SnowBrush
Photomatix http://IntrovertArtist.com/Photomatix
FineArtAmerica.com: http://IntrovertArtist.com/FAA
Topaz Impression: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Impression

Thanks for watching,
Daniel Eskridge

Category: Digital Art