Spray Painting Art GoPro Hero 2 Breaking The Dawn by Matt Sorensen


November 30, 2014

To buy paintings GO HERE http://mattsorensen.com/gallery/gallery.php Tenthouhalogen Breaking The Dawn. Music by: The Glitch Mob “We Can Make The World Stop” buy their music http://www.amazon.com/Can-Make-The-World-Stop/dp/B0058ZFU2K
I’m looking for a Sponsor contact me! If you would like to purchase a remake of this painting- 250.00 22 x 28 inch. I recorded the video with the GoPro Hero 2, fire painting. Painted, Planets, galaxy, solar system, black hole, universe, nebula, explosion, ocean waves, n is sexy hot video. has extreme coolest new tricks, Aliens, UFO, event performing, original studio nightlife hdtv colors rainbow wave “new song” Drawing night sky. star wars, star trek. Best color spray paint can video I have made so far.

Category: Art Painting